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Cost of Blindness:

Blindness has profound human and socioeconomic consequences in all societies. The costs of lost productivity and of rehabilitation and education of the blind constitute a significant economic burden for the individual, the family and society. The economic effects of visual impairment can be divided into direct and indirect costs. The direct costs are those of the treatment of eye diseases, including the relevant proportions of costs for running medical and allied health services, pharmaceuticals, research and administration. The indirect costs include lost earnings of visually impaired people and their caregivers and costs for visual aids, equipment, home modifications, rehabilitation, welfare payments, lost taxation revenue and the pain, suffering and premature death that can result from visualimpairment.

Organise an eye camp

Community outreach is the backbone of Kalinga Eye Hospital contributing to about 90% of the total cataract volume and 90% of ophthalmic surgeries. It operates mainly by conducting different types of eye camps targeting all sections of people and age groups in order to address the problem of blindness holistically. If you are interested in supporting our outreach activities, please contact.

Manager Outreach Programmes, Kalinga Eye Hospital
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