Volunteer at Kalinga Eye Hospital

Making A Difference

Here at Kalinga Eye Hospital, we are always grateful for volunteers willing to come share in our desire to bring high-quality and affordable eye care to everyone. There are two main ways volunteers participate in the efforts of Kalinga.

Volunteer at The Kalinga Eye Hospital!

The Kalinga Eye Hospital and Research Centre! Participate in a high-quality and high-impact volunteering program with one of Kalinga's prime partners, Unite for Sight!

Every month, the KEHRC hosts volunteers from Unite For Sight. Volunteers fulfill a unique role at KEHRC as entrepreneurial volunteers-they develop their own projects and programs in tandem with the hospitalís activities. Examples of projects that have been undertaken by UFS volunteers at the KEHRC include:

  • Development Projects to launch or expand new hospital initiatives and programs.
  • Marketing Projects geared towards increasing revenue from paid services in order to fund services at no cost as well as to pay competitive salaries to staff and to maintain hospital facilities.
  • Grant proposals for new initiatives or expansion of existing programs.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research studies to optimize our approach to patient care.

In addition to these projects, volunteers at the KEHRC can travel to outreach camps, watch surgeries, and participate in clinical services.

Volunteer at Kalinga Eye Hospital

Volunteers are a greatly appreciated resource for the hospital, but the experience has proven to be equally beneficial for the individual participating. Volunteering offers you the opportunity to showcase your ideas and talents, while giving KEH the opportunity to learn from you. It is also an incredible chance for you to immerse yourself in the local culture. During your stay, you will gain perspective, insight, and the satisfaction of helping others and working side-by-side with locals in a truly cross-cultural environment.

Interested in becoming a volunteer at Kalinga Eye Hospital? Click here for more information on how you can get involved with Unite for Sight!

Read our Volunteer Logbook

Previous volunteers have shared their experiences at the Kalinga Eye Hospital in Dhenkanal, Orissa. Read what they have to say in this logbook!

  • Volunteering at Kalinga Eye Hospital in Dhenkanal has been a great experience. Working with staff members and doctors who are committed to providing quality care to these patients who need it the most, is truly inspiring. Living in Dhenkanal is also a pleasure - you can enjoy the cool breeze of the rooftop while chatting with the sisters and enjoying a beautiful sunset. We came here to came here to volunteer our services, but walk away having learned and experienced much more than we could have ever expected.
    Shreya Mehta
    Biomedical Engineer
    Volunteered in March 2013
  • When I first signed up to volunteer at the Kalinga Eye Hospital I was excited at the prospect of helping those in need during camp visits and in the Operating Theatre. Little did I know that I would be able to help the institute with my engineering experience through individual projects. The combination of participating in the camp visits, the Operating Theatre, and the individual project has expanded my horizons greatly.
    Nilit Muley
    Electrical Engineer
    Volunteered in March 2013