Vision Care

DCI India Chapter works to promote quality of life in rural communities through providing affordable eye care services on a sustainable basis.

Refractive error for Children:

Refractive error in children, if untreated, almost always leads to poor academic performance and results in students dropping out of their education system. Refractive error in children can easily be corrected by providing a pair of spectacles. Its just a pair of spectacles, but for many its their eyesight.  


The children identified with Eye Problems by the school teachers & the Anganwadi Workers during the Eye Screening program are brought to the respective Block headquarter hospital and rescreened by the Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic assistants.


Childhood blindness has been named a priority area by the World Health Organization (WHO) because of its tremendous impact on the child, family, and community. Early-onset blindness drastically decreases educational opportunities and employment potential later in life. In addition, blindness heavily impacts a child’s overall health and development and ultimately decreases life expectancy. Finally, a sightless child puts immense strain on a family’s finances and relationships. Fortunately, much of the childhood blindness in Odisha is due to congenital cataracts, which are easily cured. By restoring a child’s vision, KEHRC is able to give children an entire life of opportunities.  

DCI India Chapter has been supporting for restoration of vision of the children from the poor tribal and forest areas of Odisha. In 2015, DCI India has supported for pediatric surgeries, school eye health programme and distribution of eye glasses. In 2016, one of the Director of DCI-India chapter Mrs. Rima Pant has supported 10 children eye surgery in Odisha. We encourage our friends to join their hands for supporting largest number of surgeries from the children community.

Any small contribution can bring difference in life of the children. After eye surgery, the children are reviving their school going work.