Patient’s Story

From Krushna Chandra Naik

Krushna Chandra Naik is an 11 year-old boy who belongs to a BPL family in Mangalpur, a rural village in the Dhenkanal district. His parents Sm Pramila and Sh Khirod are of Scheduled Caste (Harijan) and are day labourers. The family is aware of their difficult economic situation. At the age of 6, Krushna started his schooling. During that period, his mother Pramila found some white spots in both of Krushna's eyes. She was concerned and shared this information with her husband Sh Khirod. The parents were uneducated in eye disease, and therefore did not seek treatment for their son. Krushna continued his schooling, even though he could not see properly. Then as his sight worsened, he stopped his education and friendships and confined himself to a dark room of his house. In 2008, Krushna was identified as needing eye treatment through a survey drive organized by BRG Iron & Steel Company.

The survey team referred the boy to KEHRC, where he was operated by Dr. David Newman William of the UK. All of the surgery expenses were covered by BRG Company. After his eye surgery, the first follow up session was conducted at the base hospital on 10th April 08. The outcome was unbelievable. Krushna could see everything and his eyesight was restored. Krushna’s case did not close after his surgery – he will receive followup care regularly by the enthusiastic and dedicated outreach team of KEHRC. Many other children with many ocular problems will also be identified and relieved from blindness.

From Garia Sahoo

Garia Sahoo is an 80-year-old widow with two children: one son and one daughter. She married at the age of 16 years, but unfortunately her husband died after just 8 years of marriage. Her father-in-law had only 2.5 acres of land. After the death of her husband, her bother-in-law saw the opportunity and took the land. She earned her living by collecting wood from the forest and selling it, and by working as a day labourer. She saved money and was able to buy 1.25 acres of land. Her son sold the land to fund his wayward life. Currently, Garia owns 4/10 acre of land. Her son is not married, so Garia has to cook for both of them. Her son owns two goats and earns his living as a goatherd and by selling his goats' milk. On top of this her eyesight was failing and she could no longer perform the daily tasks she used to sustain herself.

With a shattered life and little hope, Garia came to the camp conducted by Kalinga eye hospital. She underwent the eye surgery and now she can see well. Garia hopes that with her sight restored, she will tend to the patch of land and again collect wood to sell.